Kelly Nunes

With a background in scenic design and multimedia direction, Kelly Nunes is a creative director and multidisciplinary artist whose practice focuses on responsive environments.



Sun Room

Immersive Environment

Montreal, 2016

Conception and Direction
Kelly Nunes & Adam Hummell

Commissioned by
Never Apart Gallery

Kelly Nunes & Kevin Moon

LED Programming
Russell Vaz

Permanent installation created as a functional room for healing and meditation, in response to the city’s dark winter days.
        A ceiling animated light sculpture is accompanied by Seasonal Affective Disorder light boxes for heliotherapy, within a room architecturally augmented to eliminate sense of depth and time by means of complete immersion.
        The room bathes in non-directional light enabled by curved  walls and the elimination of corners, which minimizes shadows, and results in an even saturation of brightness and colour. The multi-tiered conical shape of the sculpture produces a hypnotic effect.
        A soundtrack was created to further the healing experience, with instruments tuned to 432 hertz, a frequency believed to vibrate with the naturally resonant frequencies in our bodies.

© Kelly Nunes 2022
© Kelly Nunes 2022