Kelly Nunes is a multi-disciplinary artist with a background in musical composition and scenic design, whose practice focuses on responsive environments.
          Nunes brings a holistic vision that blends multiple media forms to create powerful experiences that push the boundaries of perception and storytelling. He has a passion for driving innovative technologies at the intersection of architecture and scenography to service transformative, human centred environments.
        He is mostly known for his monumental and orchestral public art project NEWT Miami, as well as the Celestial Cycle, a series of commissions for Montreal’s Never Apart Gallery comprised of the Moon Room, Earth Room and Sun Room.
        Additional commissions include  permanent interactive installation the Glacier Cave for Age of Union Earth Centre, and the Black Hole Room for Dax Dasilva.
        Born in Toronto, Nunes is currently based in Montreal where he works on a project basis as a director for studios such as Moment Factory and Daily tous les jours.



Fall Vernisage
Glacier Cave opening
Age of Union, Montreal


Spring Vernisage
Earth Room opening
Never Apart, Montreal

Black Hole Opening
Dax Dasilva’s, Montreal


Spring Vernisage
Sun Room opening
Never Apart, Montreal





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