Kelly Nunes

With a background in scenic design and multimedia direction, Kelly Nunes is a creative director and multidisciplinary artist whose practice focuses on responsive environments.



Moon Room

Immersive Environment

Montreal, 2015

Conception and Direction
Kelly Nunes

Commisioned by
Never Apart Gallery

Muiscal composition
Kelly Nunes and Kevin Moon 

Art Direction 
Adam Sajkowski

Projection Mapping

Permanent installation created to renew connection with our principle cosmological icon, enabling new perspectives, and eliciting sensations of reverence and diminutiveness.
        A four-foot diameter sphere is suspended from the ceiling and covered by a slowly rotating video of the moon, mapped seamlessly by four projectors. One of four walls is made of glass, which has been tinted to give the appearance from outside that the moon is a hologram. Various angles of view from inside the room looking out, and outside the room looking in, create the illusion that there are multiple moons.
        A forty-minute ambient piece supports the experience to extend the time of introspection.

© Kelly Nunes 2022
© Kelly Nunes 2022