Kelly Nunes

With a background in scenic design and multimedia direction, Kelly Nunes is a creative director and multidisciplinary artist whose practice focuses on responsive environments.



Glacier Cave 

Immersive Environment

Montreal, 2022

Conception and Direction
Kelly Nunes

Commiossioned by:  
Age of Union

Technical Direction
Matthieu Gagnon Lamarre

Technical Lighting
Ghislain Broduer

Touch Designer Developer
Owen Kirby

Sound Design, Mix
Phil Rochefort

3D Designer
Michael Carosello

Industrial Designer
Eric Villeneuve

Clara Lacasse

A permanent interactive installation commissioned by Age of Union for the Earth Centre. 

Glaciers are massive, magical, and mysterious entities. Being in their presence you sense how ancient and powerful they are.
        Glaciers sometimes form caves inside, and these caves bear water in all of its various forms.
        We project wisdom and stoicism onto glaciers. Often having turned from water to ice tens of thousands of years ago, they are never still, always in some state of freezing or thawing, extending, or retracting. It resembles a living organism which is constantly morphing and changing, yet forever preserving a kind of historical record that dates back far in time. Imagine what stories a glacier could tell us.
        The Glacier Cave is made of post consumer plastic water bottles. Sound and light and interaction design give the viewer the sense that they are in a glacier which is cracking, and thawing.
        The word glacier is quite charged today. It seems like we are constantly on the verge of losing another massive glacier to global warming caused by the burning of fossil fuels. Visitors may feel the connection between this thawing glacier cave that they are sitting in, and the materials used to produce it, as being part of the catalyst for its degradation.

Post-consumer plastic springwater bottles were procured from recycling depots across Quebec. A besoke hotplate was designed to heat and soften the plastic, making it momentarilly pliable for the process of binding the bottles into 8x4’ sheets.  

About glaciers caves
Most glacier caves are started by water running through or under the glacier. This water often originates on the glacier's surface through melting, entering the ice at a moulin and exiting at the glacier's snout at base level. Heat transfer from the water can cause sufficient melting to create an air-filled cavity. Some glacier caves are formed by geothermal heat from volcanic vents or hotsprings beneath the ice.

© Kelly Nunes 2022
© Kelly Nunes 2022