Kelly Nunes

With a background in scenic design and multimedia direction, Kelly Nunes is a creative director and multidisciplinary artist whose practice focuses on responsive environments.



Black Hole Room

Immersive Environment

Montreal, 2021

Conception and Direction
Kelly Nunes

Commiossioned by:
Dax Dasilva

Rebecca Taylor

Creative Production
Robot Jaguar

Touch Designer  Developer
Video Concept “Rings”, “Wormhole”
Owen Kirby

Technical Direction
Patick Trudeau

Video Concept, Moition Design “Universal Origins”
Johnny Ranger, Patrick Trudeau

Sound Design, Mix Engineer
Phil Rochefort

Projection Mapping

Commissioned by Dax Dasilva for his Montreal home, Black Hole Room is a permanent multi-mode installation drawing directly from the physics of black holes, and conceptually from the profound transcendent effect they play on the collective consciousness of humankind.  
        Black Hole Room is inspired by the Spirituality pillar of Dasilva's book Age of Union, which explores the meaning of spirituality and how it can connect us to our greater purpose in a modern world by seeking light in the darkness, exchanging fear for curiosity, and finding the potential for growth and positive change in the unknown.
        5 projectors, 5.1 audio, 2 lasers, and 1 Kinect support real time, generative, and rendered video content, driven by audio input and body tracking, operated by interface controls on a tablet.
        New experiences are added perennially to reflect the most recent scientific findings about the cosmos, and the role black holes play throughout. 



© Kelly Nunes 2022
© Kelly Nunes 2022