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a) - Newt Miami


Newt Miami: Experiments in Light, Color & Sound (“NEWT”), is a public art installation that uses the 19-story LED wall of an iconic building in the downtown skyline, the InterContinental Hotel, as a digital canvas for performative architecture.

Inspired by Isaac Newton's theory that every primary color correlates to a musical note, NEWT is comprised of motion graphics synchronized to live orchestral performances of original music composed specifically for the experience. Integrating mobile technology into this installation, audiences watching the building from afar can listen through their web enabled devices to the synchronized musical score. Every image and sound combines to evoke a heightened sensorial experience, and in turn bridges audiences through a shared experience that’s part site-specific, and part mobile.


The immersive art experience was enhanced by pop-up events, performances and creative talks at local galleries and spaces in the Downtown Miami area.

Conceived and Directed by Kelly Nunes & Dejha Carrington, 2015 / Orchestral score by Kelly Nunes

Art Direction by Adam Sajkowski / Motion Design by Jason Voltaire


Sun Room – Never Apart Gallery, Montréal


Permanent installation created as a functional room for healing and meditation, in response to the city’s dark winter days.


A ceiling animated light sculpture is accompanied by Seasonal Affective Disorder light boxes for heliotherapy, within a room architecturally augmented to eliminate sense of depth and time by means of complete immersion. The room bathes in non-directional light, enabled by curved corners and walls, which eliminate shadows, resulting in an even saturation of brightness and colour. The multi-tiered conical shape of the sculpture produces a hypnotic effect.


A soundtrack was created to further the healing experience, with instruments tuned to 432 hertz, a frequency believed to vibrate with the naturally resonant frequencies in our bodies.


Conceived and designed by Kelly Nunes & Adam Hummell, 2016 / Commissioned by Never Apart

Soundtrack by Kelly Nunes and Kevin Moon / LED Programming by Russell Vaz


Moon Room – Never Apart Gallery, Montreal


Permanent installation created to renew connection with our principle cosmological icon, enabling new perspectives, and eliciting sensations of reverence and diminutiveness.


A four-foot diameter sphere is suspended from the ceiling and covered by a slowly rotating video of the moon, mapped seamlessly by four projectors. One of four walls is made of glass, which has been tinted to give the appearance from outside that the moon is a hologram. Various angles of view from inside the room looking out, and outside the room looking in, create the illusion that there are multiple moons.


A forty-minute ambient piece supports the experience to extend the time of introspection.


Moon Room Interview: Kelly Nunes

Conceived and designed by Kelly Nunes, 2015 / Soundtrack by Kelly Nunes and Kevin Moon

Build design by Adam Sajkowski / Video mapping by Oliver Simpson / Commissioned by Never Apart


CFCF & Jean Michel Blais – Red Bull Music Academy,
Place Des Arts, Montréal


Responsive environment, including customized sound reactive software created to generate live graphics to the electronic and piano music of CFCF & Jean-Michel Blais.


A custom-made large black curtain was drawn behind the performers, and hemmed to only reveal a long and narrow swath of projection screen slightly above the performers’ heads, presenting the visuals close to the performance, keeping the atmosphere intimate, and attention focused on the duo.


Each song was given a distinct graphic identity based on its sonic qualities. Midi and audio reactive software was developed to enable graphics to be modified live by pitch, amplitude, and ADSR filter envelope parameters. Rear projected video of colour graphics were driven by midi sent from multiple channels of CFCF’s laptop and keyboard. White graphics danced overtop driven by audio input from contact microphones affixed to Jean Michel’s piano.


This exercise was part of a scenography mandate for a series of RBMA events that included Iggy Pop, Bjork, Chilly Gonzales, Sampha, Tanya Tagaq and F#cked Up.


Conceived and directed by Kelly Nunes, 2016

Graphic design by Adam Sajkowski / Software programming by Oliver Simpson and Daily TLJ


Equinox – NVA, Montréal

Light Sculpture

Light and projection installation consisting of live generative graphics on a six-foot diameter structure mixing LEDs and rear projections.


Abstract visuals are layered with imagery of sites constructed by ancient civilizations in alignment with the autumnal equinox. Audio responsive software cues changes in light and video projection.


Conceived and designed by Kelly Nunes, 2015 / Generative software and visuals by Oliver Simpson

LED programing by Russell Vaz / Commissioned by NVA


Tanya Tagaq and F#cked Up - Redbull Music Academy
La Tulip, Montreal


A modular set built for the joint performance of these two Polaris Prize winners. Designed to function as a narrative tool, three 12 foot panels with rear projection screens set upon a dolly track move laterally.  The moment any two or three panels touch, the images on the touching panels become unified. Video content is overlaid with motion graphics generated live, to accompany the shifting dynamics of the musical performance.


The panels are moved from behind by stage hands camouflaged in black, receiving instructions via wireless headsets from the director watching from front of house. The director indicates which panels are to to be moved at what time, in which direction, in sync with the musical performance.

This exercise was part of a scenography mandate for a series of RBMA events that included Iggy Pop, Bjork, Chilly Gonzales, Sampha, CFCF & Jean-Michel Blais.


Conceived and directed by Kelly Nunes, 2016 / Graphic design by Adam Sajkowski / Video editing by Shannon Harris / Live video mixing by Jason Voltaire / Original film footage from "Honour Your Word" by Martha Stiegman

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